How to show straight notes in the score editor but midi quantized to triplets

Here is what I am trying to do. My chords in the right hand are quantized to triplet 8th notes in my midi part but I want the score editor to display normal 8th notes like you will see in m1. I had to actally quantize the notes to straigt notes to get it to show up like this in the first bar but I would prefer to overide it somehoe in the score editor. Is this possible?

If you enable shuffle in score editor options?

THank you. Would that enable me to still have triplet 8th notes in the bass clef?

I guess so. You need to try.

Thanks I think I found it :slight_smile:

Shuffle does work but then my syncopation options don’t work. For example, it just removes the “3” on top but leaves the ties when what I want is a dotted note and a half note. The syncopation options in the score editor usually fix this but they don’t work now for some reason