How to show the text "unis" after divisions?

On some string staves that go from divided (2 staves), back to unison (1 stave), it seems I have lots of possibilities as the text to be shown when dividing. But how to show text for the unison? I need to have “unis” (without a dot). I can’t find a way to show any text there.


If you have Dorico Pro, you can change the default unison indication. A “unis.” divisi change label should appear at the unison restoration automatically.


If you don’t have Dorico Pro, you don’t have divisi, so unison labels are probably redundant :wink:

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Thanks for your responses!

In the Engraving options I have put in “unis”. In my Layout Options-Staves & Systems, I have unchecked all the Divisi label boxes. It seems I can still force show that in the “Change Divisi” box when putting-in various divisi. But when coming back to unis, it seems I can’t force show anything?

Am I missing something

For the unison indications, you can select them like any other divisi change label and use the property in the Properties panel.

(And @pianoleo of course that’s true, although it’s possible for Elements/SE users to open projects that already contain divisi changes.)