how to show time signature on every system

is there an option for this somewhere?


No, but you can manually add one where desired, once systems are finalized.

ok thanks. Then I need to figure out how hide the one at the end of each system I guess? It’s just for a worksheet.

Shift-R coda Enter. Then hide the Coda mark from the properties panel.

Alternatively use a new flow for each line. It is, after all, what they’re designed for :wink:

Thanks. Still learning the program.

How do you hide the coda or new time signature at the end of the line?

A cautionary time signature will not show before a coda. You hide the coda by selecting the symbol and then switching on the “hide” property in the properties panel (which is at the bottom of the screen).

Thanks! I will think about using flows for worksheets in the future. That’s what I was doing. Then I switched over to 1 flow and system breaks. I can’t remember why…

To be able to show time signature in the beginning of every system, without any work-around solution, would be awesome. It is really relevant when teaching 4th and 5th grade rhythm and how to read music.