How to show "transposed" or "concert" in final prints? Dorico 5.1

I wrote an atonal piece for flute, Bb clarinet and violin. I chose “Transposed Pitch.” It shows the notes correctly transposed, but when I see in engrave, no “transposed” appears. Because it is atonal music, key signatures are all in C. regardless of concert pitch or transposed pitch. I see in Layout Option Page Setup part “Text Tokens” option where I can enter some custom texts. I entered “Concert” and " Transposed" but they dod not appear on the score.‘’

What should I do to make them appear on the scores?

Add the {@layouttransposition@} token to whichever Page Templates you want to show the information. The program knows which version one is using on each page.


Is there any automatic option in the menu somewhere?

If not, I will do as you advised. Thank you so much.

No, there is not. You have to add the token to wherever you want :slight_smile:

I tried. It worked!

Thank you all.

O ye of little faith. :laughing: