How to simulate strumming for harps and guitar?

How to simulate strumming for harps and guitar?

Hello, i want to send a chord, simple or complex, via external midi controller, into Cubase 8 pro, I will like some kind of midi modifier to create a delayed sequential midi notes in a way that can simulate say a slow struming on a guitar or a harp for example…

i am on a mac,

Thank you for your help in advance!


Do you need to do this in Real Time? Or can you do this as a Post-process?

I don’t use MIDI inserts much, but it occurred to me that it should be possible to configure one to simulate a strum effect in real time. A few minutes playing around got me to quite a useful setting in Arpache SX. See pic. As you can see, the chord is played straight on the downbeat, but the result is quite a nice even upward spread of notes.

If you switch from PPQ to clicks, you can get the chord to sustain quite naturally. Similarly changing the step size will give different FX as PPQ is tempo related. You can use clicks here too, especially for faster strums

Your original question was in regard to playing chords from an external MIDI keyboard. You’ll find that this set up works both with MIDI data in the project and external MIDI input.

Hope this helps.

I was also thinking about any arpeggiator. Bit I’m not sure, if you want to change the up/down direction, if you want to switch it automatically or manually.

If you have Halion SE there are several presets that use flexphrasers to do this. Many libraries for full samplers like Halion, Kontakt and UVI come with ways to do performance in this manner.

Thank you all for your tips… i discovered apache sX and hacked some settings to create other stuff i need. However, no convincing strum… as strums are non linear… every note is not into a grid…



You can also use your MIDI sequence in the AroacheSX > Sequence Mode.