How to slave video playback on other machine

i using cubase 6.5.4 on a macbook pro (master) and when scoring films i would to put video playback on another computer (slave PC with win 7) connected via ethernet in synch with cubase. Do you know how can i realize y pour pose?
This is my system:
Master: macbook pro i7 16gb ram cubase 6.5.4
Slave 1: PC win 7 i7 sandy bridge 16gb ram that host Sound libraries with Vienna ensemble Pro
Slave 2: PC win 7 i7 sandy bridge 16gb ram that host Video playback

I know that are some programs like chaingang and Non lethal application VideoSlave for do it and i know that are possible also connect 2 cubase (in rewire or vst link but i have only 1 license and 1 audioboard RME fireface 800) ormaster and Protools, DP ecc like slave) or two different sequencers (cubase master and protools, dp ecc like slave)

Can you suggest me some option and what is the best method thanks?

I use MTCVideoSlave to sync Video outside Cubase in another machine.

You only need to install in Windows 7 something like rtpMIDI to sync Cubase MTC with MTCVideoSlave in Network, rtpMIDI is similar to Apple MIDI configuration and is free.

ah thanks…can you tell me if when working for many hours with video playback, mtc video slave maintaining the sync with cubase or slowly un-sync? In other world is it reliable?

I have no problem with MTCVideoSlave for long session. you can try the demo for 30 days without limitations. If the demo does not work (i remember some problems to install it), send an email to Gregor Anich to get the funtional 30 days demo.