How to smartly shift notes in audio-quantized segment ?


I’m a new user of Cubase 9.5.

I needed to quantize an audio track (chord rythm) in reference to a drum track.
I used the function groove quantize, and it worked pretty well, except the fact that some chords were automatically placed at wrong places or not precisely where I’d like to hear them. So I need to shift them slightly and manually to get a more natural feeling.

Is it possible to move a detected note individually in order to place it where I want with intelligent ““elastic time”” ?
I mean I don’t want to make edits in the old fashion way (cuting the audio, placing the chunk at the right place, and crossfading around the chunk to make-up the edit) ?
I would like to proceed by a simple manual shift of the note mark and cubase would stretch or tight the note regarding the next one like it does automatically when quantizing with warp function.
If someone have some advices or a tutorial to proceed…it would be very helpful.
My goal is just to shift easily with the mouse, is there a simple function to easily shift quantized audio notes manually at the place we want ?

Thanks a lot. :smiley:

Maybe this is what you’re looking for? I’m not sure I fully understand your question.

Sizing Moves Contents

Not at all ! You probably read too fast my question and my explaination wasn’t sufficently clear maybe !
Since I needed the information ASAP, I asked on the french cubase forum which gave me the answer immediately.
It was simply free warp mode that I needed.

Anyway, thanks for trying.

Glad you worked it out. Yes, Free Warp is a great tool You can also set a “Snap Point” which is sometimes useful.