How to snap Trim tool to grid?

Hi all,
In step editor, is there a possibility to snap the trim tool to the grid ?

You currently can’t. This tool is primarily for creating realistic strums quickly, and manual humanization in general.

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Thanks, that’s what I thought too :frowning:

But if you change the length by either dragging the lower-right corner or using the Split Tool then it will Snap to the Grid. Of course with the Split Tool you’d then need to delete the 2nd Part after doing the Split - that is the advantage of the Trim Tool.

You might edit the topic title and add a feature request tag to have an option to Snap the Trim Tool.

On the other hand having a Note’s length be exactly on the Grid vs. just being close-ish is often not noticeable in actual use. Our ears are much more sensitive to when a Note begins than when it ends. Also you can always Quantize the Length in bulk at the end of an editing session.

Thanks Raino.
When I can do a single step edit instead of two, I prefer. In FL Studio the trim tool is awesome. (probably make sense only for EDM where you have to edit a lot to create “cut break” and so on).

In FL you can use the Slice tool, click and drag on all your tracks, vertically (snapped to the grid) and diagonale (free)

Thanks for your idea anyway