How to solo selected tracks only?

How to solo selected tracks only?

I would like to select track and have it automatically soloed to do fast comparisons. Is it possible to do in Cubase? I found a preferences for it (Enable Solo on Selected Track), but it doesn’t seem to work.

Thank you.

Cubase 8.5.10 Build 125 (64 bit)
Windows 10

It works with tracks. Are you sure you didn’t mean events? There’s no funtion for autosoloing events…

Yes, I mean tracks. I’ll give it a try today again to see if it works today, maybe something bugged out yesterday.

Ah, you were right marQs, thanks! :slight_smile:

Now it works, but there’s a catch I may have not been aware yesterday due to exhaustion.
The option works only when you solo some track, otherwise nothing happens.

This is actually a great design, I’m so trilled every time I find something like that in Cubase, it’s so thoughtfully laid out. The program is full of things, yet everything feels so easy to reach unlike some other DAWs where everything is buried under the ton of options. Cubase update rate may be slow, but you can see how they think everything out :slight_smile:

Thank you Steinberg for creating such a nice product. I really don’t know what I would use if Cubase didn’t exist. Nothing else comes close in design, ergonomics and options on Windows!

I join your praise! Cubase is full of hidden gems :wink: