How To Speed Up Playback Without Pitch Issues

Hi Steinberg family,

I have been editing podcast episodes on Cubase, and I sometimes want to speed up the playback.

I know there’s a hotkey to do this, but that feature is increasing the pitch too, which usually makes the playback non-audible, and prone to missing many details.

Do you know of a method to speed up the playback with keeping the track pitch in its original state? One of my methods was to manually change the pitch of an event to -12 but with this method, I have to go back and forth, which is wasting my time a bit.

Thank you in advance for your time!

What you’re looking for is called Time stretch and can be performed in a variety of ways in Cubase.
One quick and easy way is to use the Object Selection tool with the variant Sizing Applies Time Stretch.
I’m sure you will find plenty of videos on Youtube if you need further guidance, or feel free to ask here!

Hi @mlindeb , thank you for your feedback! I tried your excellent suggestion out.

It’s pretty useful for many other projects but I think not really with editing podcasts because it would mess up my editing section when it comes to placement of events and on occassions with multiple sources.

I’m still open for more suggestions though :slight_smile: