how to split a flow


I am importing a choral piece (mass), written in Sib.
Is it possible to split the flow by movement?
Is there actually an advantage over just setting page breaks at the end of a movement?
How can I prepare in Sib. to make flows autmatically appear?
thanks for help :slight_smile:

There’s no way to prepare a score in Sibelius that will produce multiple flows when imported into Dorico, I’m afraid.

You can’t yet split a flow in Dorico, though we hope to add that functionality soon. For now, you can add a new flow in Setup mode and then use copy and paste to move the music into the new flow.

The advantages of using separate flows ought to be reasonably evident: they allow you to have Dorico handle titles etc. automatically, and remove the need to muck about with time signatures, key signatures, bar numbers, barlines, and other such things at the point where one movement ends and the next begins.

I haven’t seen any functionality like this, but you can always cut and paste (or insert multiple xml files) into new flows.

Depends on the work, I’d imagine. If there are variances in your forces, e.g., soloists not singing in a movement, women only, etc., then yes, flows present a distinct advantage in the engraving stage.

Import each movement into a new flow as a separate xml file. The flow concept is so new that other apps wouldn’t know what to do with it! Until now, multiple movements didn’t compute in notation apps. They were either separate files or manually inserted page breaks.

EDIT: Looks like Daniel and I answered simultaneously. What he said!

thank you for all your replies!