How to split a song into two tracks!

Hello, I have a little problem. I have a long song that I splited into two tracks. The begining of the second is exactly the end of the other but when I open up the two files in Itunes, there’s a little pause between the two. Is anyone knows how to avoid that?

Have a good day!

If you exported with the locators exactly at the split point then it’s probably something with iTunes. I don’t use it, but MediaMonkey has an option that allows for continuous playback of tracks, which means it preloads the next song before the current song is over so they play without the pause.
It’s the same with some CD players, some play a mix-album in 1 go, others leave a small gap between songs.

Not sure if this helps you, but in iTunes you can push the songs together until they overlap.

iTunes > Preferences > playback > crossfade songs

In iTunes, the cd that I bought have no gaps between the songs. So is it like an information into the mp3 file with the mastering process?

No it does not help with the crossfade, because I cannot set the speed lower then 1 sec. To be working, the crossfade should be around 30ms. But thanks for the suggestion.