how to split a stereo track in 2 sperate monotracks

I still think it’s worth a call to Steinberg regarding the MR. I use S/PDIF into a MOTU for (stereo) headphone monitoring, but I can still route the S/PDIF from the MOTU to two seperate mono busses and from there to the inputs of two seperate mono tracks. The MOTU is locked by workclock though … not an option on the Alpha?

[EDIT] Just did a little bit of research: it turns out it is the MR816X after all:
SPDIF and Direct monitoring
… so until they fix this, yes, you’ll have to record in stereo if you want to use direct monitoring and split the file using one of the techniques described above! Apologies if I didn’t quite get what you were describing initially.

ThnX! good find, chimed in there as well :mrgreen:

Nuendo has a function for this very nice, and instantaneous…
This could be very useful on Cubase too.
All the other DAWs I know have a simple function to turn mono to stereo and vice versa.
And this is not an exclusive function for post-production… We use it a lot on the mixes!

hi there guys,
I have been looking for this little tool FOREVER…
why do I have to export a wave since I am working on a project - IF i only need a small stereo file to transform it into a mono file ???

since you have in the process directory stereo flip… (which only works on recorded material, by the way) you should have a mono to stereo or stereo to mono feature…

  1. I copied a stereo file to a new place and try to make it mono… the only way is to export it, split it, and reimport it to track + audio folder. A BIG WASTE OF TIME.

how hard is to do this ??? aren’t we in 2013? we are going to Mars for God’s sake… :slight_smile: