how to split halion sonic se into different midi tracks?

Hi guys

as fromthe title of this thread…

i have a track with multiout halionsonic SE ( vst iinstruments—3 different outputs for 3 differents intrunemts loaded into halion sonic SE)…i have split them into 3 different mixer channels in cubase, but how can i do to split also them to differnt MIDI tracks so as to be able to change the notes of their different outputs?

thanx in advance

Aloha G,
One way would be to just duplicate that one MIDI track twice.
Then with 3 separate MIDI tracks you can achieve
what you posted.

HTH (hope this helps)

thanx for those replies but they unfortunatley dont fit my question;

i dont want to split separate elements of a drum kits ( the keys) and dissolve them…i d like to have separate midi tracks for everyoutput of halion sonic se ( already set to 2 single outputs)

Isn’t that what the guy in the video was doing? Setting up midi 1 for audio output 1, midi 2 for audio output 2, etc…

I would think the Halion Sonic SE reference manual is a good place to start?

But otherwise switch to the Sonic SE midi page!!!