How to split loopback and Input channel

I just bought recently a UR22C and am using it with Cubase. When I activate the loopback function in the UR22C, the loopback audio mixes with the Input Channel 1 and 2. Is there a way to split the loopback audio from the channels?
My use case:
Record Microphone on Channel Input 1 and Loopback Audio (For example a YouTube video) on another Channel.


Not possible without resorting to hacks. If you had a UR44C, you could connect Line Output 3/4 (Mix 2 output) to your PC sound card’s line-in and send only the mic to Mix 2, while muting it in Mix 1’s Loopback.

If you don’t need to use another ASIO application at the same time, you can use ASIO-Bridge to expose the microphone input as a WDM recording device and use it directly in Windows, while muting the microphone in Mix 1 so it’s not part of the loopback.

You could also use an ASIO-aware recording application which can access each input independently - just mute the microphone in Mix 1 so it’s not part of the loopback.

Unless you need the microphone to be routed through the ASIO interface for some other application, you’re better off connecting it directly to your PC sound card for most desktop applications.