how to split midi automation on seperated tracks

Hi guys,

first off all, small introduction, I’m using Cubase since version 1 :slight_smile: at my 46years old, still having fun making music…that’s it, short it is :slight_smile:

now I have a question that I can not find any solution on the internet (or I didn’t did my very best :slight_smile: ).
I have my old Behringher UMX409 keyboard that I re-use now on cubase 10.
I have on that 8 turnable knobs. When I assign a knob on my vst instrument I’m using like Cutoff, then when moving this knob on the keyboard, the actial knob on the VST does react as should.
when I do set learn midi and learn host, then what happens is that when I try to record pure automation data, the turning of the knobs are not registered, when I do turn the knob on the VST itself, then I can see the information in the automation track.

What I did was then making a midi mapping to the knobs.
when then recording while playing the music and then turning the knobs I can see the information is written ON top of the mid part.
is there any way to split this information? so that I can edit this later on?
or is there any good way to write the automation information from my keyboard knobs directly to an automation track.
ps : yes I know how automation tracks are made and how you see, edit them :slight_smile:
only for some kind of strange reason the VST does react on the knob manipulation of my keyboard, but the automation track (yes it’s set to read and write) doe not fill up with the handling I do on the keyboard.

is there anybody that can help me or tell me how to setup my cubase in order that when I set a knob on the keyboard, that the automation is recorded in an automation track or when (what I already could do) the midi automation is recorderd on top of my midi part, that I can split this information in seperated track information (lanes).

thx to anybody that is willing to give me a clue :wink: