How to split out tracks into new Montages?

WL newb, help appreciated. I’ve got 10 tracks coming in from a MixPre 10 - first two are voice, next four are Ambisonics, next three are a stereo+shotgun, last is single. How do I split these tracks out into their own Montages? Things I tried (this must be simple)

  • Double clicking the multitrack wave brings up a file view in WL, but the tracks can’t be deleted, and I can’t select tracks to paste into a new Montage
  • Dropping the file onto a Montage with equivalent number of tracks works, and then I can delete tracks or copy/paste them elsewhere presumably. However when I try that it still carries along all the tracks, and pasting them elsewhere always pastes onto a single new tracks
  • Exporting isn’t working for me, either not enough options or when tracks are deleted it still exports the total number of tracks (with the deleted ones empty presumably)
  • Searching isn’t coming up with answers


Create new montage and copy/paste clips from the source montage to the new montage(s).

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@PG1 Can you select multiple clips to copy/paste in one go? The manual says Cntrl-Click works, but that’s only the track header and so doesn’t grab all four tracks for simultaneous paste. Only way I see to do it is to drag-select all the clips which is too clumsy for these long clips.

One go, no, but in few steps:

  • Zoom out
  • use Ctrl+Shift (Cmd+Shift on Mac), and drag to select the desired clips.
  • Then Copy/Paste with the usual keyboard shortcuts.
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