How to split

Hi, following my question here: … 84655.html

I’m looking for a way to split my keyboard in 3 zones, with one zone using the internal sound engine of the piano that I own and each of the other 2 zones using a different VST.

Or even assign specific notes to a VST and the rest to the piano.

How do I do that within cubase?

Thank you for your help!

Note: I just noticed that I posted in the wrong forum at first as I have Cubase Elements 8.

The Input Transformer can do that. Not sure if it is included in Elements though.

Hi, I can’t seem to find it.

Is it in another place depending on the version?

If I don’t have access to it, does it mean I simply can’t do that?

If you use Cubase elements, you should use the elements manual, not the Cubase Pro manual.

Oops. That was dumb for me to do.

I think he was speaking to me. Lol.

But my issue still isn’t resolved though. Does it mean I can’t do that?

I checked and Elements doesn’t include the Input Transformer, so no you can’t at least not this way. No other approach immediately comes to mind. Some keyboard controllers can do splits in the hardware.

Anyone else know of any third party software perhaps? Not too expensive?

Or any other way in elements 8?

My piano can’t on its own.

Thanks for your support!

Inspector / MIDI modifiers / range?
Just thinking out loud.

I’m new with the program and actually with DOW in general, would you have a step by step?


Hope this helps

Yeah, definitely need to look at some tutorials! Thanks! :slight_smile: