how to spread audio files on project window?

Hi guys, im trying to figure out the easiest method to spread audio files on my project page to say 1 file per bar.

So for example i have 50 audio files that i have just cut up from a single large file how can i move each segment to spread across the project page 1 per bar.

also if there is a method of spreading my files when i drag and drop from a folder to say my project page ?

for example please see the attached pic

any help would be appreciated.

how to spread my files.PNG

The importing process will ask you whether you want each file on a separate track or on one track
File>Import>Audio File

Hi ,

Many thanks for the reply,

Unfortunately thats not what i am trying to achieve,

For example and in direct response to your reply if i select one track, i would like each new file to be on its own bar adjacent to the previous files end point instead of one file directly after another.

i am trying to “spread” my audio files in relation to the grid.

as seen in my picture, each file is on its separate bar.

Is there no way to tell cubase take these 50/500/5000 audio files and place them on each adjacent bar?

Hmm… This would be a cool feature, and I’ve had to do the same before.

What I did:

  1. Make the tempo fast enough so that one measure is around the same size as the clips you’re importing (hopefully they mostly look like the ones in your screencap)
  2. Import your files to one track
  3. Set quantize to whole notes
  4. Select all clips
  5. Quantize (“Q”)

For me, this worked perfectly, except for the odd clip here and there that quantized to a previous or following measure. These were easily fixed.

You should make a feature request for this!

Hi Thank you for the reply,

Yes i will make a feature request for the above,

In a perfect world your method would work but unfortunately my files are of different sizes and unlike my example picture your method would not work as it pretty much depends on each file being roughly the same size which mine are not :slight_smile:

can you please elaborate regarding after you quantize and your files are overlapping how did you fix this Manually or ?

Yeah, like I said, it was only a couple clips here and there that quantized early or late. First, I could see the gap where the clip should’ve been, and then I could see it under another clip from Cubase colour-shading it. Just went in, chose the buried clip to be on top (via right-click), if necessary, and aligned manually.

Think the Logical editor should be able to do that…superb tool for all sorts of tiresome processes.

Care to elaborate?

Can someone please try and spoon feed me if the above can be done via script the events needed in logical editor?

The logical editor is a headbanger although the “conditions” seem fairly straight forward -at first! You have to ask it or tell it that, if an event is equal, lesser or greater than (x) then please do this with said events! Maybe you should have a look at the included presets and see if any of them are near to what you want to do and can be modified with a bit of tweaking to do as you ask!

Hmm just had a try to do what you wanted it but the logical editor I been using is for midi only. There is another one in the Edit drop down menu that has audio as one of its target conditions though.

In upper section the Filter Target can be set to “media type equals audio” In the lower section, the Action Target should be either “Position” or maybe "Track Action"but then the rules become pretty strict for Parameter One and Parameter 2 so I’m stuck there at the moment!

There is an option to load a macro in the Function/Tranform boxes at the bottom of the panel but the nearest is “selected tracks to new folder and add group channel” so that’s a headbanger for some one to work out!


Thank you for your efforts,

I also tried but i do not believe it is possible as there is not many conditions in relation to the previos/next files selected…