How to squeeze bars in region when otherwise using 2 bars per system?

Hi… I have a piece that I’m working on where I am using this option set to 2 bars. However, there is a section where a bar repeats a total of 14 times (see below)… I’d like to minimize the number of systems … is there a way to show on one system (14)? or some other convention to ‘squeeze’ these bars onto one system?

Engrave mode / Graphic Editing / select first bar /Hold CTRL+Shift /select last bar. /Make into System

Thanks, @Fes_Lehu – is there a way to now ‘combine’ the two '2’s into a single ‘4’?

I hope, I know what you mean.
You can do it the same way, it overrides what you entered in the Layout option

Hmm… struggling.

What I mean is remove the last (or first) 2 bar group, and ‘merge’ it with the other bar group into a 4 bar group… perhaps even ‘merge’ two of the 4 bar groups into one 8 bar group … all on the same system. Perhaps even make a 12 bar group (+1 measure…) or a total 13 bar group. I realize some of that may be unconventional… but not liking the sandwich of the 2 bar groups.

Then, I’d also like to squeeze the repeat region… so the last bar in the phrase isn’t squished.

UPDATED: Never mind this piece… I found the Note Spacing to address that part:

You can’t merge bar-repeat regions. You’d have to remove the 2-bar repeats and redo (or move and resize) the 4-bar repeats. But … If you’re repeating 4 bars starting at bar 12, is bar 8 visible on the same page? I can only see from bar 9.

Glad you got the note spacing to work.

Ah, ok, yeah, re-creating the region in 4 bar chunks worked.
Now… any way to make those (3) 4-bar regions into one 12 bar region?

Yes… bar 8 is on the same page.

What’s your setting for consolidating bar repeat regions for this layout? This would require your bar repeat regions to be single-bar repeats, rather than multiple 4-bar repeat regions.

@Lillie_Harris brilliant! Was able to adjust and achieve the below:

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Great! You may want to reset your note spacing overrides in that last notated bar now.

Yeah, thanks @Lillie_Harris … I had just noticed that… and also adjusted the width of the 12 consolidation…