How to squeeze the most out of an old computer for HSSE?

Hi - I use the Yamaha ES90 VSTi, and it really pushes my computer to the max, I usually have to make all kinds of “adjustments” to avoid audio drop outs, and the system sometimes just stopping.

In my Cubase 6.5 what I do is:

  1. Lower the # of voices, and the “%” value in the HSSE control panel.
  2. I “after-the-fact” put pedal sustain values to “zero” so that it is not trying to carry so many voices at once.
  3. I “Disable” all the audio tracks I can while running the VSTi.
  4. I turn off all the other plug-ins I can as well.

Does anyone have any other suggestions about how to unload my system as much as possible to allow the VSTi to run? I’ve not used the “freeze” function - would that add anything to what I’m doing above?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Do a quick mix, import to pool, track. Disable everything but the stuff your working on. Max Power :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the quick mix for Split (sorry for being so dense)?

I should have said in my OP that I am rendering the VSTi after the fact - I’ve recorded the MIDI in from my synth earlier, and now I’m just using the MIDI track to render an audio track from the VSTi.

Thanks for your help as always, Split!

Well, you asked how to get the most from your computer whilst running the Yamaha ES90 VSTi
If you do a quick mixdown of the song your working on, you can disabled everything (bar the qmix track) and still hear the song thus freeing up as much power as possible to then work on the ES90 track/s. once happy either freeze the track or render, the re-enable everything you previously disabled. and mute the Qmix track.

In other words you can veiw the qmix like a kind of project freeze.

Got it, thanks, Split. :smiley: