How to stack windows ?

Since C8 is using native windows for its components i thought i could manage stacking windows by the native functionality of Windows 8.1 - click right on task bar and stack windows. Well thats not possible - nothing happens.
In C7 i used cubic blender to tile Windows horicontally and vertically. Thats not possible either anymore.
I want to create a layout with the piano roll on top and the mixer on the bottom. I don’t want to move and drag the windows by myself. Anyone who knows how to do that ?

Hi you, I think you should have a Close look at the “Worspaces” Feature.

BR Ernst

I use workspaces a long time. I don’t want to arrange the windows by myself. In windows 7/8 there is a to stack Windows. Ist not a question of saving the result but creating the stacking.