How to start Drum map Setup from D1


I created a drum map for a percussion and need ( as in GM drum map), I’d like it to start not from C-2, but from D1. I tried to name the sounds (C-2 through C#1) all “—”, but It did not move them down.

Show Drum Sounds in use by Instrument
Shows all drum sounds for which a pad, etc. is in use for the instrument. This option is only available if the instrument can provide this information.

As you can see, the GM drum in the drum editor starts from C1 however, mine starts from C-2.

I don’t have any sounds from C-2 to C#1. Everytime I want to enter drum notes I need to scroll down…

I don’t know how to provide “this information” to my instrument to be used by the Drum Visibility Agents.

Any workarounds please?


Sorry, I’m not really sure I do understand. Could you attach a screenshot of your current Drum Map? And could you attach a screenshot of expected one (maybe make a raw fake in any graphical editor)?

Thank you, Martin.

I updated the OP, since Forum did not let me to post the 4th pic. I attach it here:


Do I understand you right, you want to see your D1 Pitch on the top, so you don’t have to scroll down while editing?

In the Drum Map, there must be always all MIDI Notes available. But you can reorder them freely. You can do it by drag and drop, one by one. What is really not a nice work. So I would recommend to edit the XML file directly in any XML editor.