How to start Groove Agent with the main transport control

Hi All

I am a newbie so go gentle! :smiley: I’ve searched the forum but cannot find the information I require so here goes.

When I was using Groove Agent 3 I could enable it to start the same time the main transport controls were activated. In this way I could ensure that all was in synch.

Groove Agent 4 is AWESOME and I use the style agent to add fills etc. but need this to be activated as soon as I hit the main transport so that I can record live instruments.

Can this be done? Got to be simple but I can’t find it. Any help would be much appreciated.


LOL - an update to 4.2 has added a new ‘follow transport’ function - perfect but feel free to add any more hints and tips to my reply. Happy Xmas everyone! :slight_smile: