how to start record with precount at any random position of cursor

hello everyone!
Can anyone plzzz help me out on this in Cubase pro9.
i want to record midi or audio at specific point with a precount without allowing the cursor to jump back to the start of the bar
(example: i want to record at ‘Bar 2’ in ‘4/4’ time signature on the 3rd beat of the bar and hence i place my cursor on the 3rd beat of the bar 2 and hit record with precount on, the moment i hit record the cursor jumps back to the starting of the bar2 which is so annoying when i have to score music to the video frame. it doesnt do so when the precount is off but when u on the precount it jumps back… is there a a solution to it?.. pro tools, fl studio does this so well but couldnt figure it out in cubase9.
thank you.

Hi and welcome,

Use Punch In and Punch Out.