how to start recording on midi input

Hi, This may be easy but I cant figure it out. I would like to arm a midi track for recording and then have it start to record when it receives input from my drum machine. In my case I am using arturia keystep to start my drumbrute and deepmind synth at the same time. Cubase receives all midi data as expected. The drumbrute is being used as a midi controller and is connected to the groove agent VST for sounds.

Everything will start and play when I press the play button on the keystep - but I can’t figure out how to start recording the input when the midi patterns start. Any advice?


I have cubase pro latest editon. Surely there is a way to start recording on keyboard press?

Great question and scenario, I’d also like to know this.

well many many midi controllers have transport bars with a dedicated record button so I am sure you could do it for a certain key via the commands section or something. I use the * button on my numpad to toggle record on/off or my midi controller.
Of course there is punch in, but if you want Cubase to start the recording process when you press a random midi note I don’t think that is possible - then you should look into retrospective recording

I also need assistance with this.

I have set the sync to external. I have set the MIDI device to sent Start/Stop commands. I then press the record button and Cubase sits and wait. Starting the MIDI device however does not start the recording. I have to press the play button on the transport to start recording.

Any ideas or advice?