[How to] stereo to mono track

So I have lots of instrument tracks that are stereo, but I know my final “stereo output” will be exported to mono (client wants very small chiptune mono songs for game). I know I can export the final stereo output track to mono. But then I have to listen to it after export to make sure it’s ok.

Is there an easy way within Cubase that I can route/reduce/whatever the final Stereo mix to Mono mix, so that I can listen to it before export?

You can switch on Control Room - there is a mono sum button there. Or, you could insert the StereoEnhancer vst plugin into the master output, this has a mono button available.

I recall there is a plug called DFX Monomaker which will do the same thing and probably loads of other free options if you make a web search.


Thanks! ^^