how to stop auto update name feature?

When you export an audio file you can choose set to project name or auto update name. It used to be that it would stay put (when set to set to project name, so it would overwrite any prior mix with that name) , but now, every time I export a file it goes to auto update name automatically.

It’s never done this before, and I am unaware of having changed anything.

any ideas?

Not at the Studio right now, but I believe the append numbers option is in “naming options” in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog. Just clear those options.


It’s a strange dropdown that one next the name… because the first option is a click button to set the name while the 2nd option is a toggle option tick-box. So, untick the 2nd option.

I think it’d be great if the first option was just a button plainly visible because I click it pretty much every time I export.


That whole window needs a bit of an overhaul.