How to stop cubase8 scanning vsts?


It is simple! I just opened cubase and now it is scanning everything! It is scanning every single folder and I already reinstall it! hahha so dumb! I cant believe it!!

I have been for 30 minutes waiting!! I just cant believe it!!

Any idea?

If you just reinstalled it then yes it will need to scan your plugins. Also when your pc clock changes for daylight saving unless you disable the auto time update in windows.

Maybe you did not get it! It is scanning all files and it took like 6 hours… then it exited itself and when i try again to open it, it does the same thing. It means i cant use cubase!

You’re right I did not get it because you didn’t explain it!

It’s also impossible for anybody to guess stuff like what o/s you’re running which might be useful info to help.

Firstly I would rename your VST2 plugins folder/s and see if Cubase can start without the vst2 plugs.

Let us know how that goes.

Another thing to consider when stuff takes this long is some kind of hard drive corruption…is this install and plugs on HDD or SSD? If it’s HD try running chkdsk on it (assuming you’re on Windows)