How to stop FX playing when I stop playback

Trying to render tracks. If I hit stop, the fx (echoes) still play on. On some tracks, those echoes play on for a good minute. Are we supposed to wait or is there a way to instantly kill fx?

It may be fixed with changing the eq/filter transition from soft to hard. It’s located in the mixer setting drop-down. The little down arrow to right on the mixer screen left to the racks button.

What I normally do is put in some automation on the delay(s) feedback - even if it’s just one fixed value for the whole song - and then beyond the end of the song I automate the feedback to zero and put Marker9 there. Then I can click Keypad9 to go to the marker and everything quietens down. If you don’t want to lose your place in the song then you could set another marker before you go to M9, say by using Ctrl-Keypad8 which would set Marker8 to the current play position (if you have the default shortcut keys), then Keypad8 will get you back again when it’s gone quiet.


The solution posted by Draghe is simple and correct one. Thank you.

Actually I rushed with the conclusion. While it seems to speed up decay of some effects, it still allows certain delays to go on for a while.

Wish they’d just put a kill fx button there.