How to Stop placing Natural sign in next bar when using accidentals

I try Dorico SE 5, and i think it is disturbing to see a natural sign used in the next bar when using accidentals,
An accidental is valid up to the bar-line, so placing a natural in the next measure is unnecessary and only causes confusion, how can I avoid placing those natural signs in the following measure?


Check Notation Options->Accidentals


Dorico has a lot of options for cautionary accidentals, as jesele remarked. As a performer, however, I disagree strongly with the statement that ‘placing a natural in the next measure is unnecessary and only causes confusion’. That may have been true in the [pre-] Baroque when accidentals only applied to the note immediately following it, except perhaps for adjoining notes, but nowadays cautionary accidentals in the following bar[s] are often absolutely necessary and omitting them usually causes confusion. I agree that cautionaries might sometimes be unnecessary but that’s one of the things that has to be assessed on a per-situation basis.


Dorico SE does not include the Library > Notation Options dialog; if you want to adjust the defaults for Dorico’s approach to cautionary accidentals, you will need to move up to Dorico Elements.

Sorry, I missed the SE part.


I will Look Into that