How to stop "respelling notes" from cycling through microtones

Since upgrading to 5, in addition to it cycling through the available sharp/flat/double-flat/double-sharp options, the option -/= command is cycling through the microtonal options. This wasn’t the case before, as far as I am aware. I can’t find any way to turn it off or change it. I’m on standard 12-EDO. What am I missing?

Are you sure? This doesn’t behave differently for me.

Does this happen with a default brand new project?

Can you supply a sample document?

If you’re in standard 12-EDO then there shouldn’t be any microtonal options to cycle through. It is true that the behaviour of the respelling commands has changed in Dorico 5 - it will now cycle through different “equivalent” accidentals for each spelling - but it will still only cycle through the accidentals that are available in the current tonality system.

Just opened a new project, and it is doing it.
sample.dorico (466.0 KB)

It is for some reason :woman_shrugging:

For some reason your 12-EDO tonality system contains some of the accidentals from 24-EDO. You can see this in the tonality system dialog:

and also you can compare to the factory settings in the Library Manager:

I assume at some point something containing this odd combination of accidentals has been saved as default. Probably the easiest way to fix it is to use the Library Manager to reapply the factory settings, and then save as default in the tonality system dialog.


Weird! That fixed it. I occasionally add quarter tones, but I must have saved it as the default somehow. Thanks for your help!