How to stop the flow number appearing in all my parts?


I am in in Page Set mode and I have selected the option to NEVER show flow heading for my 20 + parts.

I have check the layout type hoping that this will take affect globally for ALL parts, but sadly this is reflected in all my parts.

Any advice out there? This iis going to be very time consuming otherwise.

Thank you!

Two things:

  1. Have you applied these Layout Options to all part layouts or just that one part layout? You need to select the relevant layouts in the right panel of Layout Options (and there are Select All buttons are the bottom).
  2. Are you talking about Flow Headings at the top of the flow, or general page headers at the top of each page? If the latter, edit the Part Default Master Page. Typically you’ll only need to do this once.

Thank you Leo - that did the trick! Thank you for saving me so much time. I really appreciate