How to stop Topics getting set to "Tracking" because I've read them

I’m having every Topic I read get set to “Tracking” which I don’t want to happen. I can’t figure out how (or more correctly where) to turn this off - don’t see anything in preferences related reading a Topic. Anyone know how to do this?


user preferences > notifications > Automatically track topics I enter (probably?)

Umm strange , mine only sets to Tracking once replied to a comment
Plus at the bottom of each thread there’s the tab to choose what you want

yes - but you can set it to automatically track - if you look at the preference I linked it will all become clear

So why would Raino’s be different to mine as a default ?

no idea ? you’d have to ask him
(maybe he changed them either deliberately or accidentally? or maybe he’s doesn’t have the same user access level as you ?)

@raino Preferences>Notifications

Automatically track topics I enter

You can set it to 10 minutes. After that there’s ‘Never’, so that you are never notified.

Yes that seems to be it. I was totally going past that because in my mind “enter” didn’t equate to reading - especially since the notification specifically referred to “reading”

Anyway I changed it from "4 minutes’ to “never” - no idea how it got set that way to start with. Don’t think I did it, but can’t be certain.

I did the first day make a mistake and included a bunch of Topics to Watch. Next morning over a hundred emails in my in-box taught me the error of my ways.

Thanks all

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