How to store Max Voices value in Performance?

I can’t seem to store the Max Voices value in Options > Performance.
Each time when I reload the plugin or re-open the stand alone the Max Voices value is set to 128.

Here’s a GIF showing the issue. I enabled the Show Tooltips to show that one is stored.

Any tips?

Guess storing Perfomance settings is kaputt since Max CPU nor Voice Fade Out stick and the rest does.

Hi Nils,

this behavior is by intention. Max Voices, Max CPU and Voice Fade Out are definable per HALion instance.
So only your host project or a HALion Multi program will save and restore these settings. From the UI it’s maybe not perfectly obvious :wink: though we put the controls in one frame to separate them graphically.

I just checked the documentation and unfortunately it’s not mentioned there neither … we will add a note to the documentation.

If you want to “wake up” the HALion Standalone with your custom settings you can set them and then click “Save as Default” on the multi program slot. This will save a your personal startup preset, including these settings.

Ah, that’s helpful. I changed the setting for my default program and now it’s being recalled each time I load the stand alone or VST. Thanks for the explanation and pointers.

I indeed now notice it in Halion 6 (in Halion Sonic it’s in one frame).