How to stream with Dorico?


I’m using Dorico and I want to stream while I’m composing. However, I cannot find a way to do it.
The way surely exists because there are Dorico directs on youtube.

I have downloaded VB cable and Voicemeeter Banana but this does not seem to help.
I am trying to use OBS Studio to do the streaming,
It seems that the audio from Dorico goes directly to the speakers without ever being inside the computer again, I don’t know if this makes sense.
The output of Dorico is Analogue 1,2 and is connected to my external audio interface, Audient Id14.

Can someone explain to me how do you stream with Dorico?

I don’t have VB cable, but if it works similar to soundflower, set the output of Dorico to VB cable (it’s Input) and use it in OBS as Audio Input.
Turn on monitoring there to be able to hear the audio signal from Dorico yourself.


I do many of the Dorico streams… and there are various options for this.
As far as I can tell, your Audient Id14 doesn’t have an internal ‘loopback’ (which is often what I use on the Steinberg UR22) so you’ll need a way to get the Dorico output in to OBS.
If you use Voicemeeter, SoundFlower, Rogue Amoeba LoopBack or various other options (depending on whether you are on Mac or PC) you can then tell Dorico to use that application as it’s audio output and set that as the input to OBS.


thanks! I’ve managed to set up the whole thing by setting the input of Dorico the virtual input of Voicemeeter.
However, I was wondering about one thing: to put that input in Dorico I have to change the drivers from the ASIO audient ones to those of Voicemeteer.
Does this have implications for the performance of Dorico as a DAW?


No, it’s just where Dorico sends the audio data (kinda…).
Of course, if the audio driver is badly programmed it can stumble the product, but as long as everything seems to work, there shouldn’t be a difference, as everything stays digital.