How to stretch ending notes on guitar?

I have 3 tracks of guitar I am trying to stretch out the ending notes.
When we recorded we hit stop record to soon when the guitars were ringing out.
I would like to stretch the ending notes maybe 2 bars is that possible?

Aloha C,

Tough one. :frowning:

In theory you would want to copy a section of the sustaining note(s) from earlier in the track
and then ‘crossfade’ it onto the end where the sound stops.

But over the years I have tried this with voxes, organs, strings, basses, guitars etc
all with little or no success. I have never been able to make it really sound ‘smooth’.

Depending on the music, masking the crossfade point with a drum hit might help
but many times not.

Perhaps someone else here on the board has a good tip or trick on how to do this.

Good Luck! (and I mean that).

in the menu bar audio /process / time stretch . press the help button for directions ,i would make a copy of the part highlight it and bounce it just incase you make a mess, then you have it backed up .looks simple enough good luck .