how to stretch, move arrangment play WITHOUT tempo track

The musician have played live NO Click so they they move, who’s not a problem
But I have some flaming moments so I need to move, stretch and I’m lost because it ask for a tempo track to use the warp function
I’m use to do this on Pro Tools but on Cubase no succes
All videos are with tempo track

I’m on Win 10 for this


Click to the + button on the top of the track list, and Add the Tempo Track. Actually, the tempo track is always present, it’s just hidden.

Hi Martin

I know that fonction but 1st how to have access to the Warp/Hit point, I see, outside of the sample editor so I can adjust the timing with the other tracks.
My purpose is to move some note using the ctrl and the pointer


Unfortunately, you cannot see Hitpoints Markers of all events at the same time. Only the selected event can show the Hitpoint Markers.

Hi, Djoum. Just wanted to add a thought here. Not got time to go into detail but have you thought of using VariAudio? In addition to changing pitch, you can use it to change start and end points. Might do what you want. Have a read of the manual.

If you go to the sample editor and look for the option free warp it should allow you to insert warp markers to adjust the timing where you need to. Don’t need to use a tempo track.