How to strip leading track numbers from clip names?

I’m quite new with Wavelab, and I’m struggeling with creating CD-Text from filenames.
In Samplitude, I had to remove the numbers manually - but here, I see a lot more possibilities.
Usually, my customers send their tracks with leading track numbers.
How can a strip them from my clip names in the montage? Or leave them there - but strip them for the CD-Text…

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You can try this:


On a similar note, I like to NOT rename the clips so that I know the original file name if I need to reference it. I prefer to get the titles right at the Marker Name and go from there.

You can auto-populate the marker names based on the file names when using the CD Wizard, then Batch Rename the Markers (or manually edit the names) to be the EXACT song title, no leading numbers or extra digits, and then once the markers are cleanly named you can push the marker names to the CD-Text Track Names in one-click which the can easily/automatically be pushed to any metadata (if you like to embed metadata). Then, the marker names (or CD-Text Names) can also be the basis for the rendered file names of each song and thanks to the Render Presets, you can then add the correct numeric prefix (01, 02, 03, etc.) for each track number when you render the master files, and/or use the Naming Scheme to add text at the end of the file name too if you prefer.

It’s powerful stuff.

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Thanks, Justin… this is where I’ve been. But so far I have not found a fitting result. I think I need to understand regular expressions better …
But anyway - I think it was a good decision to replace Samplitude after 25 years with Wavelab and Nuendo. I just have to relearn a bit now

Yeah. It’s kind of hard to type out but basically, if you get the track markers perfectly named, the rest falls into place from there.

The CD Wizard is a good tool to get all the markers generated. From there, it just depends what you get and what you want, but I have a pretty fast system dialed in depending on if I’m working all “in the box” directly with the client’s files, or if I’m loading in my already fairly processed captures from analog and just doing some finalization in WaveLab.

You can use the Marker Batch Rename to remove the numerical prefix or any other specific text, or you can just paste the official titles to each marker name.

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