How to switch from from one sound to another in VST live

I would like to know how to switch from one sound to another in VST Live using a MIDI controller such as a button on a Korg NanoControl. Thanks!

Open Devices/Actions and Shortcuts, select “Project” tab, and “Learn” your buttons for “Next/Previous Part”.
A Part, when selected, activates all of its Layers which contain Instruments/Sounds and can send various MIDI messages.
If your device switches sound by MIDI Program Change, you can make a Layer learn the PGM CHG item as well; in that case, you can use the “L” (learn) button at the bottom of VST Live, select the Layer PGM CHG and move some dial or fader on your MIDI controller.

Thank you for that info! Can you adjust volumes of parts the same way using the knobs on a NanoControl?

Sure. For that, the “L” button at the bottom of VST Live is your friend. It highlites all programmable controls, click one and it becomes yellow, then twiddle your knobs and you’re done.
You can see and edit the result in the Devices/Actions and Shortcuts if you need to.

I used the L button and yes I did was able to adjust the volume using the slider on my NanoControl. The problem is it goes one way to maximum volume and doesn’t respond after that. What settings do you recommend in Devices/ Actions to be able to increase and decrease volume smoothly using the slider on my NanoControl?

It depends where you applied learn.
If it was a Layer, open Devices/Actions and Shortcuts, select the Layer tab and see how “Volume” is configured. It should have the Data2From set to 0 and Data2To to 127.