How to switch off changing "Object selection" to "Sizing moves content"?


Could someone please tell me how to switch off changing “Object selection” to “Sizing moves content” and “Sizing applies time stretch” when pressing “1” key button??

I very often use button 1 and 3 to work with voice but very often I double press “1” and it switches from “Sizing moves content” and “Sizing applies time stretch”. I use function “Sizing applies time stretch” very rarely and would love to have that function only on request. It irritates me when I accidentally double press “1” button. I want only “Object selection” was applied to “1” button not “Sizing moves content” or “Sizing applies time stretch”. How can I do it?


The buttons toggles through the possible tools.

I understand that. I need to switch off that function and have only one function “Object selection” without opportunity to toggle between all of them


there is a keycommand for this
set key 1 to keycommand : Object Selection Tool: Normal Sizing
[Alt} 1 to: Select tool

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Fantastic! My brain wasn’t enough for this! Thank you) It worked)