How to switch off sound of one layer by playing sound of another layer

I have 3 Layers of samples of a HiHat.

  1. Layer Hh open
  2. Layer Hh halfopen
  3. Layer Hh closed

Each layer consists of 4 sublayers which are controlled by a “Layer Alternate Module”, so that the sublayers do not repeat when played twice.

I want any triggered sample/zone of Layer 2 to instantly stop all currently playing samples from Layer 1 and 3. How can I achieve that? Is this something for the Megatrig module perhaps?

I would try the voice groups. Enable voice management for the top parent layer and turn on voice groups. Turn on exclusive mode.

Then select all zones in your hihat layers and assign them to the same voice group.

Thank you very much (again ;-)).
Additionally, I had to set Poly to 1 in the exclusive mode setting to actually make it work. Thanks!

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After diving a bit more into the details, I am facing a new problem.


I have 3 layers of a crash cymbal. One is the chocked cymbal (on A#4), the other two are open cymbals in two different velocities (One from 1-100, the other one from 101-127)

I want to achieve that every trigger of a sample in the chocked group stops the open samples. But an open sample should NOT stop another open sample.

So the voice group approach does not work, because assigning them all to one voice group stops each of the samples.

Is there any other way I can achieve this? Thanks!

If you use 2 voice groups?

One for open the other for choked. Set both of them to the same exclusive group. Keep the polyphony higher than 1 so you can have multiple open samples playing at the same time.

Hi there!
I have the same problem and unfortunately could not solve it with the use of 2 voice groups (VG) and the illustrated settings.

Furthermore, depending on where I place the layer with the choked samples I get funny audio results:
The desired effect only occurs if I assign the three layers (Velocity 1, Velocity 2, Chocked) to the same parent node and to it the first VG. If I now assign the second VG to the choked layer, it works, but the VG selection turns red and the choked sample becomes mono and sounds very thin.
All other variants (new parent node for choked layer or assigning the VGs to the subordinate layers) either result in the previous samples not being stopped or the choked sample not triggering

Is there perhaps another workaround or solution? Many thanks!