how to switch to "Select only" or "Deselect Only" without disappearing Context menu


Is there a way to switch to “Select only” and “Deselect Only” without disappearing Context menu?
Sometimes I need to switch from “Select only” to “Deselect only” or vice versa.
However, the menu disappears when clicking one of them.
It would be nice there would be a way to switch in a different way.
Probably I will be lazier, but invoking context menu twice seems to be not ideal.

You can set a key command to do it.

thanks, I found it in the Key Commands lists.
Hm, I had searched them a few weeks ago, and I could not find them at that time.
Probably I had not looked at the list carefully!

Daniel has said they’ll consider making this a toggle (single key command) in the future.