How to switch track/instrument in Key Editor in Write mode?

Trying to use Key Editor in Write Mode. I have one note selected and I activate Key Editor in bottom window. Everything works as described, but how to choose another track? Selection of notes on other staff doesn’t change track/instrument in Key Editor. Should I always go to Play Mode, select track and return to Write Mode? I hope there is shorter way like automatic track change on note selection.

Dorico will follow changes of selection in the music if you have the link button in the lower zone toolbar activated, and not if you don’t. Click the link button and Dorico will then sync the Key Editor to the current selection.

Ouch, sorry, thank you! This is what I missed after videos seen where Antony mentioned the Link button :slight_smile: It works!

But If I scroll in Key Editor, the Link Button becomes inactive and thus it loses the change of selection. I assume this is how it’s designed to work. Better would be if Link button once pressed stay pressed until next click.

I think because the link is touch or insertion based, not scroll based. You can scroll the score and the link is active with the key editor not changing, but when you touch a score element then the key snaps to that, or go to insertion/writing mode. Makes sense since the two editors will likely have different zoom levels - plus things like Page/Galley view, that if it was scroll location based it would probably be nightmare synchronizing.

And if you select different midi elements in key, the score will still jump to there. So yeah, not sure but maybe the chain button going unselected just means ‘well, you’re moving around on your own now so have at it (but I’ll still be with you if you select an element)’

We are planning to change the way the link button works in the next significant update, such that it will retain the zoom level that you choose but try to simply ensure that the note selected in the music is brought into view.

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Just leave Link button active if user is only scrolling up/down to view more than little Key Editor shows :slight_smile: Okay, if user is changing something, it means he don’t want a link anymore. Or maybe this could be an option
Unlink when making changes in Key Editor.
Show in Key Editor all selected staves.

It would be nice to have an anchor that allow to select instrument without selecting note or rest. As an anchor there could be the clef - selectable, it means if I click on clef, track becomes selected and viewable in Key Editor. With holding Ctrl key I could add any other staff to the selection or with holding Shift select from-to. Also drawing a rectangle over many clefs could select these staves. It would be logical addition to this beautiful program :wink:

I wanted to ask you, Daniel, where are yellow text boxes gone? The version 3.5 had text boxes showing up when mouse moves over tool icons at right. There also could be shortcut keys in text boxes, I cannot remember them all. Okay, could work more with Dorico, but after a month working in Cubase only, I have a professional amnesia and I start to learn Dorico again :smiley:

Regarding tool tips, please see here:

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Ok, now it’s clear. Thank you!