How to swith off auto openning the project after closing one?

Hello guys.

I have a situation:

I’ve been working on a project for like month and over the time I’ve made dozens of copies of my project. And the thing is I actually need, to find a specific instrument or sample or get the midi out of older copy, but I’m not sure in which copy that instrument/sample/MIDI is (bear in mind, I don’t need to load INACTIVE project, in some cases I have to check the instrument, copy MIDI, check out the preset that I used early). So Ihave to check multiple backups. So when I open the older copy I realize there’s no instrument/sample/MIDI that I need, so I close it and at that moment opens up the previous (let’s say current project) and it takes a long time to open, then I have to check another copy, I open it and wait for it, realize there no thing I need, I close it and again the current project opens, I wait… So the thing is how can I switch off loading the previously opened project?

Thanks :confused:

I don’t know of any way to turn off automatically loading the project, but you might be better off opening the next project before closing the previous. Then once the project has loaded, you can close the previous project.

Have you looked at File>Import>Tracks From Project? It’s a great feature. You can keep your main project open but look back through previous saves, or indeed any project on your system and load in whatever element/s you want.

Thanks for advice!

That’s an amazing feature which will totally save my time! Thank you very much :astonished:

It’s worth using the Prepare Archive function from time to time when importing in this fashion, just to be sure that all of the audio used in the main project has been copied into the project folder.

Import Tracks from Project is one of those functions which seems to slip under the radar, but is super handy. I often want a sound and channel setting from a project from the past and it’s more or less instant. It works with frozen tracks too by the way and VSTis as well as audio.