How to Sync selection in Key editor and MixConsole or Project Window


I am aware of the option Sync selection in Project Window and MixConsole.

What I would like is to be able to sync selection in the Key Editor and Mix Console or Project Window.

That would allow me to access quicker to the channel setting of an instrument after selecting it in the key editor.

Is it do-able?

Thanks a lot in advance :pray:


Key Editor has no visibility. What exactly do you want to achieve, please?

You can do this indirectly, using the Preference:

Editing - Track Selection Follows Event Selection

But I don’t know if it will suit you for continuous usage. Just try it out and see.

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Let’s say I wrote some piano chords and I just wrote a melody for my flute.
But now I want to go back to the piano and edit it so I stay in the key editor because I just have to click on a note of the piano part to edit it thanks to the function “Record in Editor”. (I don’t have to select it in the project window)

Great, but now, I want to add an eq to the piano which is already selected in the key editor.

My issue is that here, I need to go back to the project window to look for my piano and select it even though my piano is already selected in the key editor.
There must be a faster way no?

Thanks for your time

Hi thanks but that doesn’t sync selection in the key editor and project window

I guess that’s because you have already selected more than one tracks and editing them “at the same time” from the editor’s dropdown menu for parts?

I don’t have another idea for the time being, sorry.

You can make a PLE preset to do this, if this is an instrument track. as in this example. You end up with the Channel Settings window open, but you lose focus on the Key Editor. It doesn’t work for a midi track connected to a VSTi because in that case it would open the midi track channel settings, not its audio channel.

Check it out:
Open Channel Settings for track named ‘piano’.xml (5.6 KB)

Hi Steve thanks but I don’t see how this can work. :confused:
What I want is to be able to access to the channel setting of whatever instrument I would select in the key editor by clicking on a note already entered.

I provided a workaround, because Cubase can’t do that, at the moment at least. Of course this is only good if you have just a few tracks, since each one would need a separate PLE preset.

Would be a good feature request…

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there is a similar request over here , feel free to upvote :slight_smile: Allow Channel Settings Command in windowed Key Editor - #2 by Kartoushh

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