How to sync settings and presets Cubase Pro? (mac&pc)

hi there!

does anybody have a way to sync all Cubase and 3rd party VSTi/FX presets and settings between different machines?
I work on big pc’s in the studio, and on macbooks when on tour/traveling.
I install new pc’s almost every two years, i buy new macbooks about every 2/3 years.
Every time, it takes time to copy all the presets and settings from computer to computer.
This is a huge workflow breaker for me.

Doesnt anybody else have this? How can i make this more streamlined?

Here is part of a list, of stuff i need to backup/sync:

FX Chains
Plugin presets (3rd party)
VSTi presets (3rd party)
track presets
track exports (i have a lot of track exports, with full fx chains, automation etc etc)
key commands
logical editor stuff etc
windows xlm edits (to prevent Cubase view reset view every time i switch workspace)
etc etc

Most of these presets are all over the system, hidden and hard to find.
Is there a way i can setup something like an external flashdrive (i have very fast TB3 external nvme drives) with simlinks or aliasses?
Or sync my data disk with all my projects, samples and songs and have a sepperate folder there with all my presets, with links and aliasses?
Maybe sync it online?

Any ideas would be welcome :slight_smile:

thanks for reading!

I use Beyond Compare to do this on PC. You’d need to check if a similar application is available for Mac.

Beyond Compare will compare folders and / or file contents and mirror them Etc. Hugely useful.

I know this is not a huge help but it is possible to do what you need.

hi Phil, thanks for getting back!

I have programs like this for mac and pc
Freefilesync is a good one and, uhm, free…

i really didnt think of this direction… thanks!

My only issue is that all the files have to be in a data disk/non system disk, since mac and win have totally different folder structures for their systems.
My data disks are identical on my pc and my macbook.

Maybe i can sync on the mac from internal system to said data disk, and on windows the same.
Then i can sync both data disks…or something like that pfff
I could make some kind of profile, and use that for every future computer install…

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Yes, there would be a certain amount of setup involved but once done it is done. :slight_smile:

As an update for anyone who is interested in syncing settings and presets between multiple mac and pc’s:

im happy with the following (been using it for a few weeks):

1 install FreeFileSync on mac (you can also use it on win)
2 in win: share a folder (i followed this: How to Share Files between Windows 11 & MAC - YouTube)
3 go to mac, and do the Finder,Go,Connect-To-Server thing
4 create or copy folder on your mac with exactly the same content you want to sync
4 Open FreeFileSync
5 sync the pc and the mac folder and any direction you set (update, mirror etc)
6 save the sync as Batch in FreeFileSync, next time you want to sync its just connecting and double clikc the batch file to run…easy peezie!

This works great to sync all your settings and music, you can use this local or with any ip i guess…
Also good for just backing everything up (please backup, you will loose your data sooner or later)
I use this to sync different Ableton projects, this also works great…

Thanks for sharing. I mainly work on a PC in my home studio, but I travel a lot so I often take projects with me on a laptop to keep working on them while I’m away. Being able to sync my favourites, vsti presets, templates etc would be a great help.

yes, it works with the FreeFileSync app, and that app is great to backup stuff too!
its just complicated to set up…