How to synch 2 or more PCs? On Cubase

I am thinking of synching 2 PCs together so I can fully record at 192khz and get many tracks.

Cubase 6.5 x 2
PC 8 core 3.6ghz x 2 each PC on different monitors

Output to a output(Physical) mixer infront of the monitors

Then mix

and combine the 2 master/Group tracks in a new song

How do I synch with persision?

Or you could try MIDI time code and lock one of the cards to the samplerate of the other via spdif.

Actually, you can use MIDI Time Code very easily.
All you need is

  • MIDI interface on both machines
  • the master computer set to “Internal Timecode” in Sync Setup
  • the slave computer in Sync Setup set to “MIDI Time Code”, choosing the MIDI interface as source
  • on both machines: use the same framerate and the same time code start
  • also in the slave machine, put the SYNC option in the transport window to IDLE, not INT.

I have done that several times, should work without problems. Moving the cursor position on the master machine takes you immediately to the same position in the slave machine.This way you can enslave it even with ProTools :mrgreen:

All the best.


Just remember that the Audio clocks sync to a different clock! Thus syncing the two audiocards via wordclock or similar.

Any reports on how it worked?