How to Synch Cubase to External MIDI Device

Hi, guys!

I have YAMAHA PSR-S910. I want Cubase 6 Artist to Synch Start recording of MidiTrack when I play a style on the keyboard. I set the kyeboard to transmit Time Code (as Master) and Cubase to listen (as Slave) but there is no way to make this work. Can you please help me? Cubase won’t start recording.

I have S910 hooked up thru USB cable with proper drivers installed. I read the manual and setup everything as it was described but I can’t make it to work. Please help.



Try it the other way around, with Cubase as the master.

Surely you must know better, but are you sure, the PSR 910 can send MIDI Timecode? The manuals make no mention of it. Other than that, you´ll probably have to explain your setup a little bit more detailed.