how to synchronize files from field recorder

Do you have any idea how to synchronize (conform) files from field recorder in Nuendo?

I’m making a Tv series (very fast production) and editors are giving me only pilot tracks (mix from f r) to synchronize all takes and track from field recorder. I’m doing it manually in this moment, but it’s time consumption and very illogical idea.

As I told you is very fast production and editors won’t even think about synchronize it.
Second guy who’s making this series is working on PT ( Editors on AVID) and… PT have a great function (“match files to criteria/tc”) and automatically conform/synchronize all takes and tracks.

Also I have problem with opening AAF (with files package - wave, mxf) from Avid. Do you know is in Nuendo 6 problem with AAF’s openig will be resolve?
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Mac Pro 2x Quad core, Nuendo 5.5

When it comes to the .aaf functionality it just sucks because it appears so wildly inconsistent. On PT it works pretty much all the time for me.

Someone recommended though that you grab the .aaf “filter” or whatever it’s called from an earlier version and drop that where the 5.5 version lives. I don’t know if it works because when I needed it to work I didn’t have time to wait for a fix.

If you want you can PM me your email address and I can forward you the file that someone else on the forum sent me and you can try it out and maybe it’ll work.

I have the same problem with conforming. First i thought it can’t be true, no auto confirming in a post-production software !?!?!?!? That must be a joke.
I hope Steinberg will implement such features.
I have an other post in Nuendo 6, something like a wishlist